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Investing in Knowledge

At UET Peshawar University, you can succeed in lots of research areas and benefit from investing in your education and knowledge that will help you in becoming an experienced specialist

Scholarship Sources

UET Peshawar's Scholarships

University Peshawar offers a variety of scholarships and fellowships designed to help you and your family pay for university.

Scholarships and grants are a type of gift. These scholarships are awarded to talented and deserving students enrolled in various programs.

State and Other Scholarships.

More than 60% of the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar JC students have secured various scholarships from different Federal Government, KP Government and other agencies. These scholarships are either merit or need based.

HEC Scholarship Program..

Higher Educaiton Comission offers a variety of scholarships such as Need Based Scholarships and Ehsaas Scholarship to almost all students who belong to poor families and are currently enrolled in Undergraduate degree programs in selected public sector universities.


For each scholarship the eligibility criteria is different. However, the following are the essential condition before applying to a scholarship.


  • You are a full-time undergradute student

  • You applied for scholarship on time on the prescribed form

  • You are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards

  • You have been recommanded by your concern department to the scholarship commitee

Guidance and Advice

A faculty member at each department is asssigned to provide you guidance. Book an appointment with the councellor.

Engr. Muhammad Zubair, Department of Industrial Jalozai 

Engr. Rohullah Khan, Department of Mechanical Jalozai 

Dr. Fahad Yunus, Department of Electrical Jalozai 

Dr. Amir Saeed, Department of CSIT Jalozai

Engr. Kamran Ahmad,  Department of Civil Jalozai 

How to Contact Scholarship Office?

We are open on Monday – Friday at 8:00am and 4:00pm, except on holidays.

Students Affair Office

Mr. Muhammad Yasin

Scholarship Officer

Basement, Administration Block, UET Peshawar

223 Campus Way NE Bothell, WA 98011-8246

Tel No. (+92-91)9216796-8
Fax No. (+92-91) 9216663

Email :

A message from convernor scholarship committee

UET Peshawar Scholarship Committee is committed to work day and night to facilitiate their students and grab scholarships from all possible souces and donar agencies


Dr. Gulzar Ahmad

List of Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships on the basis of poverty-cum-merit are awarded under this scheme. Scholarships are awarded by a Scholarship Award Committee. Comprising of the following:

– Dean, Faculty of Engineering Convener

– Chairman of the Department Member

– Director Finance Member

– Provost Member

– Incharge of Student Affairs

Free ship in tuition fees may be granted to a maximum of 15 deserving students on the recommendations of the Scholarships award Committee. When two or more brothers or sisters are studying in the University, then the one in the higher class shall pay full tuition fee and another only half of the fees.

Ten students in each of the following Departments of the University run on rationalized fee structure shall be awarded Scholarships of Rs.21,000/- per semester on merit at the time of admission for the first semester. The Scholarships shall be awarded the unaffordability/merit basis. Scholarships holders will have to pay normal fee/user charges of the University.

In order to recognize merit, and encourage academic competition among students, the following cash awards will be granted to students who secure first, second and third position in each semester of all disciplines

In order to encourage final year students to take interest in the Project Work and improve its quality, the Syndicates have approved the following rules for the award of the best student project.

  1. There shall be one award comprising of the cash prize, certificate, and shield for the group members of the best project in each discipline. The shield inscribed with the names of the group members shall be kept in the respective department.
  2. The award shall be given on the basis of recommendations of the Selection Committee. The best project for the award shall be evaluated by a Selection Committee for each department.

Gold medals shall be awarded to students in each discipline who fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Pass all the University Examinations in the first attempt and complete the course within eight consecutive semesters after joining the first semester.
  2. Secure at least 3.75 CGPA
  3. Standfirst aggregate in terms of marks obtained in all examinations, in their respective disciplines. In the event of tie between two or more students, more than one gold medal will be award.

Two cash prizes of Rs. 5,000/- each is awarded by the President of Pakistan (one to a student from the Tribal Areas and one from Settled Districts) to students who secure the highest position in the Bachelor of Engineering Examination.

The students of 3rd, 5th, 7th semesters of B.Sc Engineering in each discipline and 5th, 7th, and 9th semesters of B.Arch. will be awarded university merit scholarships. These scholarships will be awarded on the basis of results of the preceding examinations, provided that the students qualifying for this award are not receiving any other scholarship or financial assistance in any form from any source. No merit scholarship will be awarded to students with CGPA less than 2.00.

The following agencies provide financial assistance to deserving students on merit/in affordability basis:

  1. Frontier Education Foundation
  2. Professional Education Foundation
  3. Mora Scholarship from zakat fund
  4. HEC Need-based scholarships
  5. Dr. Omer Hayat Trust fund
  6. Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation
  7. USAID Merit & Need-Based Scholarships
  8. HEC German Need-Based Scholarships
  9. Diya Foundation Scholarships
  10. London Foundation Scholarships
  11. National Bank of Pakistan Loan Scheme
  12. Chief Minister Scholarships for needy students
  13. Fast Cables Merit Scholarships
  14. Prime Minister National ICT Scholarships
  15. Ehsaas Scholarship