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The courses of study leading to the Degree of B.Sc. Civil Engineering have been planned to offer a broad spectrum of civil engineering subjects. The curriculum lays emphasis on subjects of structures, irrigation, geotechnical, transportation engineering, environmental engineering and hydraulics. These courses include laboratory and design work.

The prescribed syllabi and examination standards compare favorably with the standard of under-graduate work developed in U.K, USA and Canada.

In addition to course work, the final year students are required to work on project under the guidance of senior faculty members. Study tours and extension lectures are also arranged during the session for the benefit of the students. Second year or third year students during their summer break and final year students after passing the final examination in civil engineering may work with some recognized organizations, registered with PEC or government department or semi government department to acquire  practical training of 800 hours for award of degree.

Academic Program:
  • B.Sc. Civil Engineering

List of Laboratories
  • Environmental Laboratory

  • Hydraulics Laboratory

  • Concrete Laboratory

  • Material Testing Laboratory

  • Applied Mechanics Laboratory

  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory

  • Transportation Laboratory

  • Survey Laboratory

  • Drawing Hall

Field Visits / Industrial Visits

Field visits to Civil Engineering projects of national importance are arranged for students. Each year students and concerned faculty members visit facilities and projects with a high technical merit.


Each year field course in surveying and leveling is arranged for students of third year civil engineering for a period of three weeks. The course includes practical work in Contouring, Triangulation, Fly Leveling and Plan Tabling

Civil Engineering
Department Contact Info

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Block

Jalozai Campus UET Peshawar, KP, Pakistan
Main Cherat Road, Pabbi KP Pakistan

Fax: +92-923-577351
Ph: +92-923-577350

Social Info


Prof. Dr. Shahid Maqsood Ph.D. (UK)


Dr. Asif Khan Ph.D. (UK)

Associate Professors

Dr. Asif Khan Ph.D. (UK)

Dr. Sajjad Wali Khan Ph.D. (UK)

Assistant Professors

Engr. Abdul Hamid M.Sc. (Pak)

Dr. Wajid Khan Ph.D. (USA)


Dr. Saeed Zaman Ph.D. (Bangkok)

Dr. Muhammad Fahim Ph.D. (USA)

Engr. Fasih Ahmad Khan M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Shabir Hussain M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Taimur Malik M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Waqar Ahmad Khan M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Waqas Ahmad Khan M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Kamran Ahmad M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Hazrat Amin M.Sc. (Pak)

Engr. Muhammad Waseem M.Sc. (Pak)

Laboratory Engineers

Engr. Muhammad Faizan B.Sc. (Pak)

Mission Statement 

To produce civil engineers having the knowledge, skills, and professional attitude that will enable them to develop innovative, safe, economical and sustainable solutions for society

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of B.Sc. Civil Engineering will have the ability to:

PEO-1 : exhibit flexibility and competency in bringing challenging projects to fruition by applying in depth engineering principles, analytical skills and state-of-the-art practices

PEO-2 : practice integrity for the amelioration of civic/communal predicaments using eco-friendly standard protocols giving due consideration to hazard mitigation and human well-being

PEO-3 : pursue a strategy of long-term knowledge acquisition by keeping abreast of modern computational techniques and novel tools, so as to bring about discernible change

PEO-4 : lead and work collaboratively, through sound communication, efficient resource management and effective public dealing, to achieve quality assurance in diverse field and office environments

PLO Attainment Reports of

Batch 01 – Intake 2015 – PLO Attainment Report

Batch 02 – Intake 2016 – PLO Attainment Report

Batch 03 – Intake 2017 – PLO Attainment Report

Batch 03 – Intake 2018 – PLO Atainment Report


The UET Jalozai Civil Engineering Alumni Association is excited to announce the online portal for Alumni Connect. This is a new community building platform for UET’s alumni. It is the only place online where you can find, and connect with, all 50,000 UET’s alumni. All alumni are automatically enrolled

Why Study here?

The future prospects of civil engineers are bright not only in Pakistan but also abroad. They are typically found in organizations responsible for managing operations in public and private seectors. Our gradauates are playing key role in the constructions, earthquick, water resource management etc.

Studying civil engineering is one of the smartest decisions, because it is estimated that demand for these professionals will continue to rise every year. Civil engineers are among the best paid professionals. 

We claim that UETP Jalozai Campus is the only public sector purposely built engineering university campus in Kyhber Pakhtunkhwa. This beautiful campus spear over 406 acres with magistic mughlia style building infrastructre, state-of-the-art labs, sprots facilities, and highly qualified dedicated faculty members shall be the key features in selection of Jalozai Campus as your first choice in engineering and technology.